Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 9 - Animation Ascendant (2008)

By the time 2008 had rolled around, I knew that I wanted to be animation.  I had decided to return for graduate school at SCAD and after graduation, began working on my portfolio.  The portfolio would be a two part process, a 3D component and a 2D component consisting of storyboards.

For the 3-D aspect of the portfolio, I decided to return to the idea - and indeed many of the same environments, that had served me so well before.  I storyboarded a new Twin Spires Short trailer and began to work out the renders.  It was the rendering and effects that truly made the difference here.  I adjusted the texture on the water EVERY SO SLIGHTLY - got rid of the mistakes in the original, and added some atmosphere, motion blur, and depth of field to the shots.  For the outer space scenes, I also re-worked the background textures.

Also - instead of a trailer for a trailer (as the original short trailer was) This NEW trailer, called the One Last Time Trailer - was a trailer for the film.  If I ever made Twin Spires into a real film - this is what the teaser would look like.

It was rendered in full 1080p for a Blu-Ray release.  The first Allied Forces project made for Blu-Ray.

If you hadn't noticed already - almost all of the trailers I make use music by the composer Martin O'Donnel - from the various Halo games.  While the stories have no similarities - I think the music fits it very well.  I sent in my portfolio on a DVD - using this glowing wireframe theme to unify all of the aspects of the portfolio.  The looping background image was rendered in 1080p, then taken into After Effects to give it this HDR bloom effect. Inspired by the full render to wireframe effect found on the Halo Legendary DVD.

The video game Halo - and my career at SCAD have some odd parallels.  When I got into SCAD, I used music from the first game in my portfolio.  During my first quarter, Halo 2 was relased, and During my LAST quarter, Halo 3.  It seemed only fitting that I use the music again when I went back to grad school.  And now that I near my 45 hour point - and the downhill spiral to my MFA Thesis - the final Halo project by the original creators is being released.

*  *  *

The 2D aspect of my portfolio would consist of some life drawing, and storyboards from two films I worked on in my senior year at SCAD.  I would also create NEW storyboards - based on a short passage from the novel version of Allied Forces R.

They were done in my mainstream style - as I did not want to submit anime in my graduate portfolio.

These are just a few - and in no particular order.

*  *  *

After submitting my portfolio, again, SCAD gave me one of their highest scholarships, again, and I got to go back to SCAD... again.

I was in a Polk County School Board van, driving around Lake Wales with Russ, when I got the call.  It was on a Friday.  And it was one of the happiest times I can remember.

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