Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 8 - Renaissance (2007)

If I could credit one person with teaching my how to draw, it would be Tom Lyle, a sequential artist who I had for Drawing for Sequential Art.  I had taken art classes before, but it was this one that I took the most out of - at least in terms of my field.  Since I had trained in the Japanese style of art, using books, tutorials, media, and other resources and I was fit to be an anime factory worker.  Tom Lyle opened my eyes to another way.  Eager to de-anime my story a bit, I was ready to learn and couldn't wait to do each project.

The entire point of the class is to learn to be able to draw various poses without a model - and to not draw anime.  Lyle was not a fan of anime - much to the dismay of others - but in truth everything he said about it was correct.

My output in drawing was back to pre-SCAD levels.

And now, I had developed skills and was finding a stylistic voice of my own, rather than the cookie cutter and filter of manga.

It was around this time, that my drawings split into two distinct paths.  Mainstream, and Anime.  Whenever I drew something - it was either ONE or the OTHER.  Never both.

*  *  *

For Anniversary Day 2007, I had planned on making a full special like I had done in 2002, and 2003.  But it was not to be.  I still have a lot of the artwork for it - some anime - and some mainstream...

My time at SCAD was coming to an end and I would find myself at another crossroads, re-hasing that same tough decision I had thought I had already made...

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