Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 7 - Slight Revisions (2006)

2006 began with me taking my first animation course at SCAD (ANIM 132 Motion Studies).  Though I did nothing Allied Forces related.  Still unsure of a direction, in Spring 2006 I took Intro to Video and created Yuurei, which was just the second project at scad to ever use the WPA logo.

As for Allied Forces, I believe it was in 2006 that I finally decided to change some of the names in the story to prevent any likeness issues.  The first would be General Andrew "Falcon" Pridgen - whose name was now - General Andrew Falcon.  Another was to change Tigershark's last name from Simpson to Jenson.

I would also officially change the idea that the Allied Forces was a union of two military forces (which was a key plot point in the original game).  Allied Forces was simply the name of the military state that developed out of the Allied Worlds - rather than the combination of Eagle Claw Alliance and Wolf Pack Self Defense Force.  The story written by a 14 year old, being read by a 20 year old, seemed to be anime'd to death.  And 2006 saw the first major downplay of that.

*  *  *

Up to this point at SCAD I had not made a B in any class, and indeed had not made a B on any PROJECT in about three quarters.  My life was consumed with the numerology of grades, and as a result - I was burned out on every break.  That Anniversary Day - I had planned on making a new trailer in 3D, but when the time came - I only made a storyboard.

Not a bad one by the way.  The only significance of this one was that in Winter 2007, only about 2 weeks after this was made, I would be in SEQA 104: Drawing for Sequential Art with Tom Lyle, learning how to truly draw for the first time.

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