Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 5 - End of an Era (2004)

After the marathon production of Twin Spires and the 2003 Anniversary Day Special, I was content to coast my way through 2004, all the way to college.

In march of that year however I started planning for another live-action trailer, simply because I wanted to create something. I boarded the film but never made it - lacking necessary funds and - in reality - the time to do such a venture. I was submitting my portfolio around that time.

One thing I did create was a remake of the earlier Unknown Trailer, based on Allied Forces OCS: The Unknown developed in 2000.  Other than my graduation special (a looping DVD of almost everything I had created) that played at my graduation celebration - this was the LAST piece of animation I developed while still a High School Student.

Around that same time, one afternoon I decided to sit down and write an overview for Allied Forces: Revelation, at the time, the final chapter in the Allied Forces Universe.  However, I kept writing and writing.  Around page 30, I started writing dialogue, and what was going to be an overview became a first draft of a novel.  I would spend the next two months writing, finally finishing on APRIL 18, 2004.  At 77 pages (single space) and almost 38,000 words, it remains to date the longest piece of fiction I have ever written.

By May 2004, I had earned a full scholarship to UCF, which I turned down to pursue my film career at Savannah College of Art and Design - where I had also received the school's highest scholarship for incoming students.  That summer would see several hurricanes in Florida.  During a week long power outtage, I rediscovered Final Fantasy X, began drawing again, and almost went crazy for the first time!

My first quarter at college would begin exactly on September 10, 2004.  The week before I left however, I made one last piece - an animated storyboard for the last scene in Allied Forces Revelation - which I had finished only a few months before.  It would be the last production of Allied Forces related art in over a year. 

On September 10th, 2004.  I arrived at SCAD - coming this close to turning back the night before.  All production abruptly stopped.  It would be some time before the Wolf Pack Alliance logo, would be seen again...

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