Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 11: Congratulations! (2010)

Ten years have passed since that 14 year old child, came up with the ideas that would become Allied Forces.  Ten years since I set my life on a track that I seem to have become powerless to dislodge.  Ten Years of production, thought, introjection, triumph, failure, success, and sadness.  Ten years of Allied Forces.
As of June 29th, 2010, these are the PRIMARY stories which make up the Allied Forces Universe. (and the date of their original creation) - using their official 2010 title setup.

Allied Worlds (2001)
Allied Forces(2000)
Allied Forces OCS:  Remnant (2000)

Allied Forces OCS:  Twin Spires (2000)

Allied Forces OCS:  The Unknown (2000)
Allied Worlds V (2000)

Allied Worlds SV (2001)
Allied Worlds Revelation (2002)
Millienium:  Allied Worlds (2008)

As I prepare to celebrate the 10th Foundation Day, I can't help but remember the first, when I saw my creation online, with 300 hits.  I didn't realize then, that I would be still thinking of that moment, a decade in the future.  Ten years from now, what new horizons will I be looking back on.  To my story, Allied Forces, I thank you.  To the past, farewell - I will never forget, and to all the children... congratulations!

...and many more to come.


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