Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Days of Allied Forces: Part 10 - She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred." (2009)

2009 Began on a high note.  In fact, I cannot, in my lifetime imagine a time in which everything was going my way more.  By summer that had all changed.  I wasn't hired at PCSB, and I had become disillusioned and overstressed with my work, social, and spiritual life.  I came close to dropping out twice - once going so far as to call the registrar to speak with someone about withdrawal.  Looking back, luckily, the person I needed to talk to wasn't in their office.  The entire summer was a miserable affair, working at the worst job I had ever had, and indeed ever will have.

It was early september when I called the registrar.  She wasn't there.  I looked around my apartment, surveying everything that I had, just four months previous been so proud of - when it caught my eye...  a picture hanging on the wall of my guest bedroom.  An 11 x 17 printout of this...

Whatever it was about this picture - inspired me.  Perhaps the defiance against all odds - as going on in the story, maybe it was the remembrance of how hard I had worked to get there, or maybe it was realizing how quitting meant I would never share the story in a meaningful way.  Whatever it was, this single image kept me going.  More than ever - it was at that single moment - that I realized just how far Allied Forces had taken me.  The story which had been my life for nine years took on a near-religious reverence in my mind.  I would keep on going.  I was going to live on.  Almost two months later, I finally quit the job that had taken so much out of me.  I thought of the final line from Allied Forces R, spoken by the same character in the picture... I'm free.

*   *   *

2009, despite being the END of Allied Forces, actuall saw some interesting developments in the series...

In March, while taking Animation II, I finally found a way to combine my two styles into one.  The result was this...
While the overall design elements do tend to lean more towards anime - without a doubt, they are definitely not traditional.  These are not the cookie cutter characters that everyone draws - or even thinks of when you say anime - these are proprietary - these characters are mine.

*  *  *

That November, when things were starting to look up, I decided to play with the idea of a reboot of the series - the biggest change would be the main character.  I tried to think of another name - other than my own - that the main character could adopt.  After a couple weeks of thinking I finally came up with a possible solution...  Alex "Fox" Harper.

When December came, I didn't plan on making an Anniversary Special - but I did celebrate the day.  Now more poignant that ever given how close I was to having nothing to celebrate.  It was that day when I officially decided to change the name - and several other aspects of the story.  All of which would take effect on JANUARY 1, 2010...

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