Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road to Rocksanne...

The female character inThirsty was one of the hardest designs to nail down.  The Kid rocker I thought of as SOON as I saw the photo it was based off of, but how do you turn this...

...into a cartoon character?  Well, cartoon-ing a person is fairly easy - but this project required more than a charicature, these two characters (this woman and the kid) had to interact in some way in the setting of the desert.

At first I was thinking - maybe its his mom and they were lost on the way to the beach?  No.  Older sister?  Not really.  Girlfriend?  Too old!  So what then?  This is a collage of about three days worth of sketchbook exploration.  The one on the far right is the design I ultimately went with - having drawn it Sunday evening just before I began production on the boards.

She went through a LOT of iterations, before ultimately settling on the rocker-chick counterpart to the kid.

Here it is in its final incarnation.  She has a Gibson Les Paul, whereas the kid has a Gibson Futura.

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