Friday, May 14, 2010

Found Objects

So I had this idea - and it came to me really quickly - but after developing it I think I want it to be my thesis - maybe.  We shall see.

What I'm most happy is that this project - if it IS my thesis - will be at full production quality finish in time for ANNIVERSARY DAY 10 (Dec 23, 2011).  What better way to commemorate 10 years of movie making than with this animation?  Set in my Allied Forces Universe?

The story begins in Vega System, planet Eva, at APPS-V2401-49, a public boarding school.  This particular school is located in the industrial area of the planet - and is run down, underfunded, and generally forgotten - NOT the best place to be.

Students live in tiny, modular rooms, with one bed, one desk, one window, and nothing else.  Living in one of these cell-like rooms is our main character (Tamara Gregson?).  An primary school student who is somewhere between grades 3 and 5.

In order to liven up her mundane and soul-suckingly dull existence, she has begun piecing together tiny sculptures out of the random industrial junk that litters the ground outside of the dorms.  Recently however she's been collecting pieces for her largest sculpture yet, the Junk Monolith™!!

Painstakingly built over a few months, the Junk Monolith has been pieced together from a small aircraft tire, random panels, several pieces of a discarded vernier nozzle, some control rods, and a steel ring.  So large it takes up adbout a third of her room - not that there was anything else there anyway.

At long last!  The final piece!  A tiny navigation core with enough charge left to blink!  This "glowscrew" will be the crown jewel and finally complete this masterpiece of art and design.  She carefully places the object on top of the tower.

Just as she sets it down, however, a flying car buzzes the dorm tower, shaking the whole building.  The glowscrew barely stays in place, but she stabilizes it before it falls.

With the top in place, she stands back to admire her work.  But then, out of nowhere, a Police Cruiser zooms by the window chasing the last car!  The room shakes and the glowing screw pops off the top of the monolith, and falls into an open vent shaft!!


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