Friday, May 28, 2010

Found Objects: Character Layouts 1

Character Layout Drawings for Found Objects

 Also - check out the edited version here....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Found Objects - Cinematic Concept Illustrations

More digital paintings for the project.

These were done in about 45 mins - 1 hour total.  That's BOTH in 45 mins to an hour.  Granted, the second one is a little rough.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Found Objects - Background Layouts

Background Layouts used in the presentation storyboard.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Found Objects, Concept Illustration 1

My very first digital painting!  It took a while because I was learning.  And watching animations!

This is the Allied Public Primary School 2401-V49 Girls Dormitory 5A, where the main character lives on the third floor.  This is the back of the building (the front is a tad bit cleaner) You can see a lot of industrial waste from the nearby shipyards where the main character gathers objects for her sculptures.

Vega System, Planet Eva, Brunswick Prefecture, Toriyama City, Eastside, 2401-V49-15-3

Friday, May 14, 2010

Found Objects

So I had this idea - and it came to me really quickly - but after developing it I think I want it to be my thesis - maybe.  We shall see.

What I'm most happy is that this project - if it IS my thesis - will be at full production quality finish in time for ANNIVERSARY DAY 10 (Dec 23, 2011).  What better way to commemorate 10 years of movie making than with this animation?  Set in my Allied Forces Universe?

The story begins in Vega System, planet Eva, at APPS-V2401-49, a public boarding school.  This particular school is located in the industrial area of the planet - and is run down, underfunded, and generally forgotten - NOT the best place to be.

Students live in tiny, modular rooms, with one bed, one desk, one window, and nothing else.  Living in one of these cell-like rooms is our main character (Tamara Gregson?).  An primary school student who is somewhere between grades 3 and 5.

In order to liven up her mundane and soul-suckingly dull existence, she has begun piecing together tiny sculptures out of the random industrial junk that litters the ground outside of the dorms.  Recently however she's been collecting pieces for her largest sculpture yet, the Junk Monolith™!!

Painstakingly built over a few months, the Junk Monolith has been pieced together from a small aircraft tire, random panels, several pieces of a discarded vernier nozzle, some control rods, and a steel ring.  So large it takes up adbout a third of her room - not that there was anything else there anyway.

At long last!  The final piece!  A tiny navigation core with enough charge left to blink!  This "glowscrew" will be the crown jewel and finally complete this masterpiece of art and design.  She carefully places the object on top of the tower.

Just as she sets it down, however, a flying car buzzes the dorm tower, shaking the whole building.  The glowscrew barely stays in place, but she stabilizes it before it falls.

With the top in place, she stands back to admire her work.  But then, out of nowhere, a Police Cruiser zooms by the window chasing the last car!  The room shakes and the glowing screw pops off the top of the monolith, and falls into an open vent shaft!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thirsty Board Evolution...

Each presentation board was done in three passes - a rough, cleanup, and render.  The first pass I did with either a mechanical, or non-photo blue pencil.

After that, I'll do cleanup with a 4B pencil to get a varied line weight.  Then - as I did on Sunday evening - go straight to the render pass and color in some basic shading with Prismacolor Cool Gray Markers.

On the last few boards I drew them on a Letter sized piece of paper, then shrunk it to fit.  This image of Rocksanne (cleaned up for the blog) shows the progression from rough - to clean - to rendered.

Road to Rocksanne...

The female character inThirsty was one of the hardest designs to nail down.  The Kid rocker I thought of as SOON as I saw the photo it was based off of, but how do you turn this...

...into a cartoon character?  Well, cartoon-ing a person is fairly easy - but this project required more than a charicature, these two characters (this woman and the kid) had to interact in some way in the setting of the desert.

At first I was thinking - maybe its his mom and they were lost on the way to the beach?  No.  Older sister?  Not really.  Girlfriend?  Too old!  So what then?  This is a collage of about three days worth of sketchbook exploration.  The one on the far right is the design I ultimately went with - having drawn it Sunday evening just before I began production on the boards.

She went through a LOT of iterations, before ultimately settling on the rocker-chick counterpart to the kid.

Here it is in its final incarnation.  She has a Gibson Les Paul, whereas the kid has a Gibson Futura.

Our Finest Hour...

Sunday afternoon - I found out I needed to do a presentation storyboard - which is essentially a fully rendered board with all of the characters cleaned up and on-model.  Needless to say - I was worried!  And to quote APOLLO 13, it could either be the biggest disaster in my academic history (I never turn in things late) or my finest hour - having pulled off the impossible.  Guess which it was?!

Here is the animatic for Thirsty? - (Codename: WPA-721-FHR)