Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sketchbook Insanity - International Incident

Tommy the Tea Party Turkey.  He hates taxes, foreigners, and any several minorities.  He wears his flag proud, stained with the sweat from many a hard day's work guarding his porch from immigrants and larger mosquitoes.  He's out protesting today because he heard on the radio that the government was coming to take his guns away.

Meanwhile Lixue can't get her message of Anti-Communism across!

This insanely bemuscled warthog was done for someone else as part of a keyword project.  Her words were Blue, Cheetah, and Dan.  The story is that Dan the cheetah always made fun of warthogs for being slow and fast, until he met this one.

I love the Power Boar.  He's so bad.

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