Monday, April 26, 2010

Realistic? Not Really...

I rarely try to draw anything realistic - that is - with chiaroscuro shading and a nose that more than one line.  However, I noticed a great artist Bum Joon-Kim, owner of draws a lot of things that are really realistic with an anime flair.  And although he might not admit - are actually quite excellent.

So I toyed around with shadin and came out with this in around 7-10 minutes in class one day during a critique.

That's just horrific.  Look at those eyes.  Also, the scanner was too high contrast to pick up all the details.

Today, I was in class and drew one of my own characters, Amy Muranaka.  Eyes aren't asian enough, but I do actually like how this came out.  Except the lips - and the neck.  Still too stylized, but it's GETTING there!

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