Thursday, April 22, 2010

PCSB Stuff 2 - Soaring to Success

At the end of 2009 I returned to STS (School Technology Services) at Polk County Public Schools to begin work on the design for their 2010 Directed Implementation Project which, for the fourth year in a row, would feature the Success Kids.  No video was ordered this time, only a few images to be used in various print media.  This year's theme was Soaring to Success.  If I am comissioned to make an animation again, these will be the character designs used.  The main difference between these and 2008's versions are that now Jake has a backpack, and Melanie has a hairband.

In addition to their standard designs I also made these airport themed designs.  The one of Jake I drew in a van on the way to a school.  The other two were done in my office.

A problem with Melanie occurred to me after I had finished drawing and coloring her.  While she is the same height as the two other characters, her proportions make her much taller.  I tried to cover by enlarging the head to the oversized proportions of the other kids, and then squishing her body slightly - At a glance you might not be able to tell - but I see it every time.

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