Friday, April 23, 2010

Feeling Disneyesque

Not really.  Well not TECHNICALLY.  The first thing you probably notice about Renaissance-era disney works are the eyes.  They're very large - on par with anime proportions.  However unlike anime they are composed of a closed unit, rather than a two-stroke system and filled with white.

Compare the top right with bottom center - the top of the eye does not connect to the bottom - a staple of manga-style art.

Another Gargiulo, with random characters around.  Top right has an interesting expression.

And another Melanie.  On paper she was drawn last - why not be surrounded by all of the other random and failed horrors of the sketch?

Also - this melanie has a nose - which is not technically accurate, but whatever.  She has to smell the danger!

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  1. I wasn't kidding about the Kangaroos.

    Nice to have encountered you, Alex the cartoonist from the East Coast of America.