Monday, April 26, 2010

Eva Character Sketches

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my favourite anime shows - and I honestly can't say why.  There's something nostalgic and beautiful about it.  Even though the main character is completely worthless and the story is bizarre at its most sane points.

Regardless, I drew the characters in my own style - what would be the point of drawing them on-model!?

Top left is just a sketch.  Then it goes Rei and Shinji, and on the bottom row are Asuka, Rei, and another Rei.
  Center doesn't capture Rei's blas√© personality though - as that's more expressive than almost everything she does in the entire series.  Rei expresses two emotions.  Blank, and Pain.  One time she cried, and I think there might have been a 48 frame smile somewhere in the series' run.

 You can see that Rei from the last drawing in the top left here.  This was the next page in the sketchbook.  Eh.  I like the top middle and bottom right.  Others were just done too quickly, or never panned out.

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